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  • Book Václav Havel - Tomki Němec, Photographs.



    • I examined 67 622 images shot on 35 mm film.
    • I selected new, hitherto unpublished photos.
    • I also included “iconic images”, for example the photo of President Havel surprised by a wave on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, which won a prize at World Press Photo in 1991, or a photo of Václav Havel walking away along a sandy beach in Portugal.
    • With the photo book entitled Václav Havel – Tomki Němec, Photographs, I am bringing my work concerning this exceptional person to a symbolic conclusion. It is the final chapter in my life’s story connected with Václav Havel.
    • ​size 240 x 280 mm
    • ​text Daniel Anýž, Petr Třešňák
    • ​pages 288
    • ​design Jan Zachariáš/Atelijeur Půda
    • ​isbn 978-80-260-9633-7
    • more on: https://havelbook.com/




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